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Sometimes a picture, with a caption, can be worth countless words. Often, in our culture, we seek a  quick solution to our pain and suffering. Usually it is simply mild discomfort that we are trained to avoid at all cost. Our unconscious mind is trained to monitor and then avoid all unwanted experience.  Try this; simply sit still, with your eyes closed for at least 1 minute. Within that time, notice how often a thought, or impulse,  to not do what you are doing, occurs. For instance, wanting  to shift or move position, wanting to scratch an itch, wondering how much time has elapsed, wondering if this exercise is"worth it", thinking about what's for lunch, thinking about what you need to do that day, or  thinking about anything other than what is happening in the present moment. Multiply this by a gazillion and you have an experience of life that is dissatisfying,  complete with real health issues. The good news is that there are fun, exciting and easy ways of changing old habits or patterns of dissatisfaction. Learn more by visiting or by calling 415-488-0201.

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